Sunday, January 05, 2014

Old Malifaux from the summer.

Okay so I did these over the summer but only remembered I took pics on my cell phone today because I was posting more recent commission work.  So this gal was an extra and I didnt know which crew she belonged to the client didnt even know she was int he sealed box so I went with a neutral paint job.  Her stockings were done by painting the fleshtone as normal then using a wash to delineate where the stockings are.  They are not modeled on the figure.

So the actual crew was the witch-docter old hag and some critter henchmen she has.  She was quite disturbingly topless. ha ha  Those things she's holding and that are animated and standing in front of her look like rough voodoo dolls.  You lose so definition in the pics, they are sloppy and small but you can tell what they are a bit better in person.
 These guys look like swamp creatures with big fish faces. 

This is the big guy, Swamp Thing.  He had all kinds of stuff sticking out of his body which apparently arose from the quagmire swamp itself.  there were bottles, and lily pads, stones, skulls, so I tried to further emphasize this with gloss varnish in spots as well as the grass clumps used on the base were also stuck on his torso too.

Malifaux Deux 2

Okay so here's the leader of the crew, his name's Ramos. Again I played with Varnish with him making his trenchcoat slick wihile his suit is matte.  It rather sublte especailly with both being the same color. 

 Ramos likes to create wind-up robots apparently, as you see two here.  Each bird seems to have the special ability of being able to fart out a different substance. Pixy dust, on the left, and playing cards on the right.

 This robot is called the Mobile Toolkit.  His "hands" are covered in tools.  The delicate-ness of Malifaux figs is apparent any time there is a very skinny piece, keep in mind, that I had to glue it on.  and most times I had to drill it out, try and pin it, and failing that add greenstuff to increase the surface area for glue.

Okay now the smaller henchmen of this crew travel in packs apparently...packs of mechanical spiders!!!  it looks like each one is built around a revolver, but I'm not sure how they play.  each spider came in 3 pieces...really malifaux? 

Okay and the big beasty henchmen is called a Steamborg Executioner.  He's a huge head-chopping off Monster!  btw, he came in 9 pieces, and true to his name he almost killed me!  ha ha

Well I painted another crew before this bunch but I can't seem to find the pics of that group maybe they're on my phone.  I'll go check and post them soon too.

Malifaux more...

Okay so I have been commissioned once again by my buddy, Ben to paint up some Malifaux miniatures.  
these figs are amazingly detailed.  First up we have another "barmaid" to go with Collette and Crew.  This one armed with some sort of Steampunk Glaive.  I did the same hardwood flooring I had with the other ladies to hopefully tie her in with the group.
So these lovely Mannequins have apparently been modified with huge scissor-arms.  I made the mistake of gluing these arms to the minis and the minis to the base prior to painting them...these dresses are ridiculously detaield with lots of tiny bows...sadly they were beyond my ability to paint correctly, believe me I tried.  ha ha  Anyway they are bad-ass, and go with Collette again.

Next is my favorite, the crew this beast belongs to apparently is led by a small child who's dreams come to life.  Teddy is a lovable guy, he's a stuffed animal, so I added a plush rug for the playroom.  I also greenstuffed up some letter blocks.  The top block has P-A-I-N showing and if you look at all 3 blocks at the correct angle you can see E-V-I-L. ha ha  I kept calling this guy "Love Hurts"  I know what you are thinking, it looks like Love Kills, and then devours. :)

 Okay next up is an entire crew of robots, borgs, and the techno-wizard himself!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Malifaux Painting (part deaux)

Here's the followup to my last post, 7 more malifaux figs for Colette and the girls to fight with...or against.

First up 3 Zombie Swordsmen:

Next we have grave digger:

And a Vulture.  My 9-year old son told me with a maniacal gleam in his eye, "Put some blood on the beak!"  ha ha 

Finally, I don't know what role the top hat guy plays, or what the alien robot posing as a debutante is (besides disturbing, and fragile).

All in all these figs have been great to paint.  They are way better scaled than 40K models but that also creates its own challenges.  They are neat models.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Malifaux Painting

Okay so I was referred by my buddy Vivian to a fellow gamer here in Raleigh that was looking to have some Malifaux minis painted.  It's been a while since I've done any significant painting but I eagerly took up the brush.

The first of the assignments, with the most pressing deadline was Collette and her two "henchwomen".  I was given free reign on colors etc. but immediately got a Showgirl vibe off them so "bright" was all I could think of.

Here are some shots.

 You can get a good view of the hardwood flooring on the bases.  I originally attempted to make these out of balsa wood but instead decided greenstuff sculpted to look like hardwoods was better.

 Malifaux figs are tiny, and delicate.  they are probably more realistically proportioned than 40K-type proportions, but that doesn't make them easier to paint.  hell or at my age, even to see the details.  :)

So I'm working on a couple of others (7) I will try and post soon, but these are all ready to go.  Oh, and they look overly glossy in the pics, I did gloss varnish them as they are going to be played with, and better safe than sorry, I have put a coat of matte on top and more layers can be added to taste, but the paint job should last.

Let me know what you think...I so rarely get comments.  ha ha

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

40K 6th Edition!!!

Well I've been busy with RL for a long while now, but the arrival of Warhammer 40K 6th Edition has me jonesing to play and model some.  Unfortunately I am i the process of trying sell my house and have packed up all my stuff.  So I'm plodding along through the new Rulebook and working out possible new lists to play.  I may even liberate my army from the boxes in the garage and head down to the hobby shop and play a game or two at some point.  Just felt like posting something as its been so darn long.

My oldest son is interested in learning the rules.  He's 8 and smart as a whip, and ultra-competitive.  heheheh

Thursday, January 27, 2011


So I took part in my first Apocalypse event this past weekend we had nearly 100K points to add to the Worldwide Big Game, which was set up to smash the records of most points, most painted models, blah blah, I thought it would be a good opportunity to refresh myself on the rules since I havent ever played this edition. It was all that and more.

There were Leviathans:

There were a lot of flyers:

There was an Emperor and a Warlord titan!!!

there was a whole host of Reavers and Warhounds by the way, but they were dwarfed by the big dogs on this battlefield. Warhammer 40K loses all scope when the titans tread the field. Look at that Land Raider hiding behind the Emperor titan!

Besides all that I met some great guys I had never met before, I had a lot of fun, and my two kids want me to teach them the game I played on Saturday. heheh

PS - The Emperor Titan died on turn 4, with a catastrophic explosion that did a STR-D hit to everthing within 35" that about cleared the area of was AWESOME!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

More Space Marines!

So here's some more of my painted marine squads

Terminators and Chaplain. the Terminators are all magnetized arms so I can swap CC arms and Stormbolter powerfist arms. I can also swap in assault cannon and Flamer arms.

Tactical Squad #1, with their Rhino, and some of my sweet home made fortifications. heheh

Tactical Squad #2, their Rhino, and a Land Raider.

Space Marines - Emperor's Pride Chapter



Assault Squads & Assault Chaplain